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Cui Bono: Who's Afraid of the Drachenlord

AWARD WINNING PODCAST Studio Bummens, 2022

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Session work with composer Jakob Ilja on podcast series 'Cui Bono: Who's Afraid of the Drachenlord' ('Wer Hat Angst vorm Drachenlord')

Hybrid flutes and electronics were sampled and used throughout the podcast series and became an integral part of the sound world for the series.

Unraveling the Mind


Animation, scent design, live music, video, morphing stage

Unravelling the Mind is a multi sensorial experience that uses cutting edge scientific ideas to pose the question: what is intelligence? The show introduces the audience to the problem solving abilities of slime mould, as well as the insight held by indigenous Amazonian plant experts into microbiology and ecology, provoking both wonderment and respect for nature. Using innovative live music by award-winning duo Witch ’n’ Monk and scent design inspired by the smell of a complex rainforest; plants, moss and fruit, ‘Unravelling the Mind’ is an artistic response to the climate crisis, that provides a connection between science and the senses, leaving the audience with a new perspective on intelligent life, that places nature and the environment in the centre of our value system.

Ich wünschte, ich hätte dich vor dem Internet kennengelernt

RADIO PLAY, Deutschlandfunk, 2019

Composition for radio play with Witch 'n' Monk.

Witchumunkumentary - An improvised biography

RADIO PIECE Steve Urquhart, 2020

Just half an hour long, this is a brilliantly produced piece that definitely requires headphones. Repeated sounds, voices that ebb and flow, small sonic notes that build to create a wonderfully experimental audio piece about the making of the most recent album by Heidi Heidelberg and Mauricio Velasierra, AKA Witch ’n’ Monk. Both are charming characters, but this is far from a straightforward love-the-artist documentary. The music is beautifully recorded and the whole show hums with an amazing environmental presence. Produced by Steve Urquhart and featured on Resonance FM’s Clear Spot show, this is one to listen to when you want to be taken somewhere else.” (The Observer)

Embrace of the Serpent

LIVE FILM RESCORE: Oscar-nominated film with an original score written and performed live by Witch 'n' Monk

A journey through the Amazon: CO, 2015, R: Ciro Guerra 124 Min

In the Amazon Rainforest, early 20th century: the shaman Karamakate is asked to heal the German explorer Theodor Koch-Grünberg, but to do so they must find the mysterious Yakruna plant. Some 30 years later, the botanist Richard Evans Schultes seeks out Karamakate. He too is in search of the yakruna. Karamakate, who in the meantime has lost access to the spirit world, sets out once again onto the Amazon River, into the heart of darkness ...


EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT explores the mysteries of an almost forgotten culture, revealing the horrors of colonization. Based on true events, but told as a fascinating adventure it won the Art Cinema Award at Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for an Oscar, for best foreign language film.


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