M  A  U  R  I  C  I  O      V  E  L  A  S  I  E  R  R  A

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With a wide range of traditional flutes I explore a huge range of timbres and textures, with the ability to create harmonic layers as well as play lead melodies. Examples of the range of sounds I can achieve with my assorted flutes are below.


I  N  S  T  R  U  M  E  N  T  S


Q  U  E  N  A

Keyless bamboo or wooden flute with a soprano range. Mauricio has developed a system for playing these flutes as fully chromatic  instruments.

S  I   K  U  S

Similar to panpipes, with a more breathy sound, made from South American bamboo cane also chromatic.


G  A  I  T  A  S

Traditional with a mouthpiece made from beeswax & charcol and a body of cactus wood, with a very percusiive sounds used primarily for rhythm parts.

M  O  Z  E  Ñ  O  S

Highly percusiive aerophones duct flutes, I use the bass mozeños that carry deep bass lines with a lot of low end.

Instrument Sounds