M  A  U  R  I  C  I  O      V  E  L  A  S  I  E  R  R  A

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Defiantly self-taught Velasierra has a deep relationship with keyless flutes, inventing and researching techniques that allow him to navigate between contemporary harmony, modern jazz dexterity and a deeply emotional connection to traditional music, with instruments that he has redesigned. One moment brutally wild and atonal, the next creating the purest melodies.


Mauricio plays the kena, sikus, mohzeños and charango, whilst using his voice as an accompanying instrument, often with the addition of an ever-evolving pedal board. He constantly reinvents his musical language and creates both acoustic and electronic effects that become the embryonic blocks of a musical poem, and there is a sense in his music of being at the edge of an inexhaustible fountain of musical forms.


His experimental approach produces a vocabulary of sounds raw and animalistic, pure and melodic. Screaming through the mohzeño, or transforming the kena with guitar distortion and bass pedals, his flutes play many characters, schizophrenically alternating between the saintly and the edgy. A composer and improviser, he leads a number of projects that have captured the imagination of international audiences.


With his quintet, he has performed across the UK and internationally including WOMAD festival, and was chosen as world representative of the quena flute at Germany's prestigious Rudolstadt festival. He has produced a number of critically-acclaimed albums ("Rodar" and "Stories of I") And produced and composed material for award-winning filmmakers Yuri Pirondi and Ines Von Bonhorst, with experimental vocalist and guitarist Heidi Heidelberg.


His current full-time project is the composing and performing duo Bitch ’n’ Monk (with musician and composer Heidi Heidelberg) who have released two albums (‘Fulafalonga’ and ‘We Are Peering Over’) and have performed at prestigious festivals across the UK and internationally. Notable appearances include London Jazz Festival, Royal Festival Hall, Manchester Jazz Festival, live on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Sweden’s Umea Jazz Festival, Dunkers Kulturhus and Holland’s InJazz Festival. Bitch ’n’ Monk are currently producing a two-part album under the Fluid Form project: a movement of musicians who are fighting to produce freely, outside of the corrupting force of categorisation and limiting genre classifications.


He has performed and recorded with some of the most important artists today such as MOBO award-winner Zoe Rahman, classical guitarist John Williams and Brit award finalists Tom Herbert and Dave Okumu.