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Witch 'n' Monk

Witch 'n' Monk Press Photo 2 (Landscape) - Credit Annemarie Sterian 3.1MB.jpg

"In the intriguing Anglo-Colombian duo Witch ’n’ Monk Mauricio Velasierra plays assorted flutes, Heidi Heidelberg plays guitar, sings and beatboxes, while the two transform their sound into junkyard electronica through the ingenious use of looping pedals. You’ll spend a while pondering how to classify them – prog folk? Operatic post-punk? Gothic reggae? – but they know how to write melodies." - The Guardian

Velasierra Quintet


"Together they create a tantalisingly fresh sound full of envigorating energy, embedding witty references from Latin mythology.


The beautifully understated latin edge of this exhilerating set, would be at home as part of both a jazz or contemporary gig, it takes you to that place one is always looking for in music, both playful and deeply reflective." - Songlines

Notable past concerts:

Queen Elizabeth Hall, Rudolstadt Festival, Bridgewater Hall

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M  A  U  R  I  C  I  O      V  E  L  A  S  I  E  R  R  A

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